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Alisa Lohitnavy is a pioneer in "First Impression Management through Non-verbal Communication" training. With the use of Movement in Communication Analysis; a combination of Laban Bartenieff Movement System, Effort and Shape and Movement Pattern Analysis, Alisa provides her students with their movement patterns which could interfere with their self-image and self-presentation.

Alisa's workshops are unique. Her analysis and recommendations tailored to each participant. Learning is enhanced by group exercise and discussions on non-verbal communication channels such as 3 dimensional movement, body language, posture and gesture merger and facial expressions.

To complement the image aspects of her training, Alisa has strong views on the importance of social and business etiquette. The partnership with Rick Fink and his Butler-Valet School, Oxfordshire, UK since 2012 enables her students to benefit from the expertise of one of UK’s most experienced trainers and Alisa's cross-cultural exposure through their etiquette and manners programme.

The trained executives of organisations by Image Matters Asia like BASF, Boston Consulting, Kasikorn Securities, Thai Military Bank, Allianz, Bangkok Airways, The Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok, HSBC, AIA etc. reflect the benefits which their managements have been able to review and assess.

Alisa holds a PhD in Psychology and spent 7 years studying non-verbal communication which includes:

  • Lie Detection with Paul Ekman International, Manchester, UK
  • Facial Action Coding System with Erika Rosenberg, Imperial College London, UK
  • Body Language with Mike Carter, Brighton, UK
  • Movement Studies with Janet Kaylo, LSSI, USA 
  • Image Consulting with the London Image Institute, UK


Butler ValetRick Fink the English Butler is a much sought-after commodity. After 60 years’ experience in managing and running residences and stately homes, Rick Fink is extremely well-placed to pass on his unique knowledge. His Butler-Valet School offers a rare opportunity to its students to gain top class knowledge and experience of 21st century butling skills taught by a first class dedicated teaching team currently conducting courses at Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire. For over 10 years the Butler-Valet School has provided the most prestigious and comprehensive training to private houses, royal palaces and state residences.

Due to high demand for the understanding of western etiquette and manners in Asia, Butler-Valet School Asia is formed. Personally trained by Rick Fink, Alisa oversees the enquiries and recruitment of Asian students wishing to attend the "High Society Etiquette" course at Rick Fink Butler-Valet School, Oxfordshire.


Courtesy of Ditchley Park


Courtesy of Ditchley Park


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