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Alisa Lohitnavy, PhD

Alisa Lohitnavy

A German born Thai who has lived and worked in Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and China. Alisa Lohitnavy is a pioneer in Lie Detection (Credibility Assessment) and Facial Expression & Body Language training business in Thailand, providing workshops for mid-to senior executives.

Alisa’s Lie Detection (Credibility Assessment) Workshops are based on Paul Ekman's and Aldert Vrij's research models and with the use of Dr. David Matsumoto’s Micro and Subtle Expressions Recognition Online Tools. Years of research has shown that emotion recognition training can enhance and strengthen your ability to detect when someone is lying, recognise how other people feel and help you see the impact your behaviour has on others.

Alisa holds a PhD in Psychology and has worked with Banpu Public Co., Ltd., Gulf Energy Development Public Co., Ltd, The Anti Corruption Commission, The Metropolitan Police Bureau’s Protection, The Crowd Control Division, The Provost Marshall General’s Department and the Thai House of Parliament.  She has conducted her workshops in the UK, China and Thailand.  Corporate clients who attended her Credibility Assessment/Lie Detect Workshop include:  AIA Thailand, BASF Thailand, Bangkok Post, Bangkok Airlines, SCB Bank, Bangkok Air Catering, Chuo Senko, Hello! Magazine, Wall Street Institute Thailand and MRI Worldwide Recruitment (Thailand).