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Did you know that lying is an essential component of human interaction?  Believe it or not an average person lies 3 times in a 10 minute conversation!  Lying is a social lubricant and can make it easier for people to get along but deception in business can be extremely costly and damaging. 

No one can deny that credibility is one of the most important qualities in business dealings.  But often times we are too impressed with the appearances of our business counterparts and tend to avoid asking questions or are prepared to  overlook the “too good to be true” qualities.  The most common mistake we often make in failing to recognise the signs of deception is hiring the wrong person for the organization.

So how can we tell if someone is lying to us?  What are the signs of deception? 

As popularized by the hit TV show Lie to Me, Humintell – founded by renowned psychologist, Dr. David Matsumoto offers online training to help individuals recognize micro and subtle expressions. Microexpressions and subtle expressions are the scientifically documented concealed signs of emotion, which people elicit in high stakes situations when they have something substantial to lose or gain. Microexpressions are characterized by the speed of a certain expression, lasting on the face for less than ½ a second and can occur as fast as 1/16th of a second.

Years of research has shown that emotion recognition training can enhance and strengthen your ability to detect when someone is lying, recognize how other people feel and help you see the impact your behavior has on others.

Looking to improve your deception detection skills and gain insight into other’s complex emotions?

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