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Movement in Communication

Most people don't get to see themselves when they give a presentation and that can be a challenge!

Movement is our first form of communication. It is an outward expression of one's internal world. Your movement represents how you feel, your hand gesture represents how you think and your weight shift represents where you are in your own space while interacting with others.
From these videos you will be able to see my work (both before and after in the same clip) with some of the clients who realised the importance of presenting well.  I’m sure one can tell the difference between a good speaker and a nervous, uninteresting and an unengaging one.  Changing one’s “Phrasing" and finding one’s ground sometimes equals to a new character building, resulting in a more balanced presentation style.  After all, presenting is communicating and over 80% of its delivery relies on our body movement so why not work on it?
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Before vs After Videos