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Non-verbal Image Train the Trainer (Public Speaking Skills)

80% of communication is non-verbal.  But why do we put so much emphasis on the verbal aspect of a presentation?  What is commonly taught in public speaking courses aside from the use of the voice and tone is hand gestures.  What about other parts of our body?  We move all the time when speaking. As a matter of fact speech is movement!  For example, how do we say “Welcome to my presentation!”,  “I’m certain about what I’m saying.”,  “Let’s think about this for a second.”, or  “Does anyone have any questions?” and expect the audience to interact with us?  We don’t just “say it” but we also “act it” out through the movement of our bodies.

I’m a non-verbal communication trainer and I’ve spent 8 years studying non-verbal communication.  I am based in Thailand and have taught in the UK, China, Germany and the Netherlands.  In my public speaking courses, I analyse signature body movement and advise how people should change them to come across as relaxed, authentic and truthful when presenting or communicating.
What you will learn from the course:
  • Movement in Communication:  
    • Learn the importance of body movement in communication.
    • Learn how to analyse incongruence between verbal and non-verbal communication.
    • Learn how to build engagement and connect with your audience through body movement.
  • Hand Gestures:  Learn the importance of hand gestures in communication as well as meaningful and meaningless hand gestures.
  • Posture & Gesture Merger:  Learn the importance of the use of posture and gesture movement.
Who should attend the course:
  • Public Speakers
  • Non-verbal Communication Trainers
  • Coach/Trainer
  • Image Consultants
  • Personnel involved in training and development
How the course is taught:  Hybrid
  • 5 days classroom (face to face) at Marriott Sukhumvit 57, Bangkok.  The course is taught through group discussion, video analysis and intensive hands on practice.
  • Follow up on the participants' presentation videos and analysis will be done over the Image Matters Asia website (estimated total hours:  15).
Course Fee:  USD 7,800 (exclusive of accommodation)
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