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Train the Trainer Courses

Facial Expression & Body Language for Business Negotiation

A course for anyone involved in business negotiations, selection & hiring, and purchasing who wants to improve their accuracy in reading others as well as understand how to negotiate for the most positive outcome.  The course focuses on in-depth understanding of credibility assessment through facial expressions, body language and body movement.

Course Fee:  155,000 Baht/person

Course Duration:  5 Days

Non-verbal Image Train the Trainer

A certification programme on non-verbal communication and presentation skills for image consultants, non-verbal communication trainers, interviewers, presentation skills trainers, business owners involved in PR and marketing activities of the products/services, public/guest speakers, PR managers, and anyone involved in media interviews.  The course focuses on body movement, body attitude, facial expression and posture & gesture merger. 

Course Fee:  350,000 Baht/person

Course Duration:  8 Days

Business Image & Social Skill Train the Trainer Programme

A certification programme for trainers, business owners or anyone involved in training & development. The course outline involves business image, social & business etiquette, body language, networking and working in a cross cultural environment.

Course Fee: 85,000 Baht/person

Course Duration: 4 Days